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Concrete Backsplash Wall-Hanging Vanity

Our 48" Concrete Backsplash Wall-Hanging Vanity 

A new version of our wall-hanging vanities with additional length to the front and an integrated backsplash for that extra bit of modernized style for your bathroom. This  design also includes some new sink designs that will surely catch your eye. This bathroom vanity is supported fully by steel metal brackets (included with purchase as well as an install guide) and the top is still made of our same 100% Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete. All integrated sink styles as well as the 2'' backsplash are sealed with our two-part sealer making for easy clean-up and mildew resistance. Available in different size, color, and style options as well as with pre-drilled faucet holes upon request at no extra cost. 

The artisanal nature of our production process does take time.  Please expect delivery 3 - 4 weeks from placement of order. 


    • Size: 48" x 22" x 9"
    • Combined Weight: 200lbs
    • Material: GFRC blend (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete), steel metal brackets
    • Semi-gloss sink, 2-part sealer applied to help resist staining
    • Wall-mounted, hardware and install instructions included
    • Plastic drain adapter pre-attached to underside of drain for easy plumbing hook-up
    • No overflow

  • Ramp Sink

    • Sink dimensions: 31" x 15" x 5"

  • Box Sink

    • Sink Dimensions 22" x 14" x 6"

  • Round Sink

    • Sink dimensions: 13" x 11" x 5"

Broadway Black
Weathered White
Tuckered Taupe
Gentle Grey
Portland Grey
Sockeye Salmon